Workshops & Sessions

Mindful Marriage Education Program

A joyful and fulfilling life is a desire of every couple and a happy marriage enhances all aspects of life. The focus of the Mindful Marriage Education Program is designed to increase contentment and joy and raise consciousness about the importance of nurturing your marriage on a daily basis. Partners increase their understanding through interactive dialogue in a safe environment that helps build unity through constructive conversation and learning. 

In the program you:

  • Discover new and positive ways of interacting as a couple
  • Learn to appreciate and understand your differences when it is challenging
  • Increase your knowledge about the natural phases of marriage and build skills that strengthen         bonds of love by using positive communication techniques, ultimately enhancing affection and     connection
  • Learn about the value of kindness

Your marriage deserves the best attention you have to give — learn how to be mindful about what your actions are saying!


Individual Sessions (and/or Telephone Consultations)

Maxcia provides interactive relationship coaching and educational consultation sessions using the Mindful Marriage spiritual integration model.  The model is based on utilizing spiritual virtues as a guiding framework for change, assisting individuals and couples as they work through relationship issues.  During each session an action plan with specific strategies are developed.  Click the "M" above to add the sessions to your cart, and you will be contacted to schedule your appointments.

Session Bookings / Questions

To inquire about Mindful Marriage sessions or determine if phone consultations are appropriate, simply get in touch... Email or call (615) 379-0337


Mindful Marriage Workshops

The focus of the Mindful Marriage Workshop is to increase joy and consciousness about the need and importance of nurturing marriage on a daily basis. Workshops are 3 hours in duration. 

  • Increase understanding through interactive dialogue in a safe environment
  • Build unity
  • Discover new ways of interacting together
  • Strengthen bonds of love