What We Do

What We Do

We help couples create authentic connections where love is nurtured on a regular basis. We help couples develop trust and compassion and encourage understand about the deep longing for acceptance and appreciatio in their relationship. We support couples identify their strengths and goals and help them achieve their desired relationship. By developing the skill for personal reflection and accountability couples learn to take responsiblity for their actions and learn to foster close connections.  

Maxcia helps couples strengthen family unity by focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses. She uses a spiritual education program that encourages gaining knowledge, practicing daily reflection and using specific actions to enhance growth and connection.  

Maxcia believes that every marriage provides an opportunity to develop and grow in their awareness and understanding about who we are and how we want to live.  A value system plays a role in this process. How we identify, communicate and integrate these values into our marriage often determines the contentment and joy we experience.  

Creating a Mindful Marriage creates the space to develop an action plan and strategies for the marriage and encourages the couple through their individual process.   

Spiritual integration model focuses on: 

  • Listening with intent to understanding
  • Kindness as a daily measure for connection
  • Paying attention to the marriage in the present moment without judgement
  • Letting go of fault finding and negative critism

Learn to increase bonds of love by:

  • Developing positive communication skills
  • Enhancing affection daily 
  • Being patient with each other
  • Showing kindness every day
  • Creating a marriage vision
  • Learn to identify and build strength

Book a private session:

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